Sunday, January 12, 2014

Seraphim in 13 Years

When talking about my first novels, people had asked me, "So are you going to write it as a series?"

So, what did I usually tell them?

"No, it's just a singular novel! I refuse to write a series! Stop asking me that," I exclaimed adamantly upon finishing my second novel ever back in the year 2001.

(I was 15-years-old and knew so little.)

"I will not conform! Let me write my 360k-word manuscript in peace!" I still said while finishing the second draft back in 2005.

"Are you happy now? You convinced me to split this story up into a duology," I finally said during the outlining and writing stages of the third and final rewrite in 2012.

"Fine, why not. Trilogies are the in thing, aren't they?" I threw my hands up when I conformed in 2013.

"I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM DOING ANYMORE!" I scream to the heavens in 2014, while divising that I write a much longer series than initially intended well over a decade ago.

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