Here we are.

In case you’re wondering, you have reached the writing blog of R. R. Washburn.

I am not rich.  I am not famous.  Chances are, you probably haven’t even heard of me yet.

Why are we here?

I don’t know about you, but I am just a sci-fi/horror writer trying to make ends meet in this everyday flow called life.

For me, it began when I was six - my first grade teacher exercised creative writing activities for class.  You could write about anything, from silly anecdotes about your family to the crazy adventures of talking animals and a tornado.  Afterwards, our teacher would type up our literary works, laminate it, and we would install the finishing touches with simplistic kid illustrations.

It started simple enough, but as the end results always approached, I found myself proud of my work.  Even years after this class took place, I decided that it was something that I wanted to do.  I later discovered a love for reading, and convinced myself that I wanted to experience the satisfaction of completing a whole novel to my own name.  It seemed pretty cool at the time.

I began writing novels when I was in fifth grade, full chapters and everything.  At the beginning, I hacked away at stories with just a pen and notebook. I still have those lying around somewhere.  Much as I’d love to watch them burn sometimes, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Naturally, most of my creative efforts were sporadic.  Not for lack of an attention span by any means, but because I had so many ideas that I just wanted to write them all out.

I think it goes without saying that a lot of my earlier efforts were all over the place.

I finished my first novel when I was thirteen or fourteen.  At 170,000 words, I wrote a book titled Call On The Lion.

Even though it was hardly publishable material, it was still a work that I did with my own mind and mine alone.  So I kept at it.  And I kept at it.  And I kept at it…  Before I knew it, I had written nearly one million words by the time I graduated high school.

This is not how I spent my three-year hiatus
from writing I swear to god.
I pretty much sacrificed what most teenagers would have called a social life.  And I did so happily with the support of friends and teachers and the good old WWW.

I have written several novels, novellas, as well as poems and short stories.  None of which are published, of course, with the exception of Seraphim Ascent, being the first installment of my new sci-fi/dystopian/horror series.

To see more about my published works and future projects, visit my website. If you'd like to hire me for any beta/editing services, check out my hire page!

For everything else? Contact me. :)

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