Monday, March 26, 2012

Hush, My Butterfly... and JUST

Updated my writing blog with a short story (an old but tweaked version), from which you can read over here.

So in case if you just so happened to have found yourself stumbling onto my corner of the internet and started wondering: I also come bearing not just a link spam, but some relevant designs that I found in the vault of my hard drive.

As mentioned in the addendum of the short story linked above, Hush, My Butterfly is a short concept of a longer project, which delves into the threads of three disturbed strangers that are linked by a kind of kafkaesque psychological phenomenon.

Obviously, it tends to fall into the horror genre, and was originally written out as a screenplay that was intended to be a fan project. Then, it evolved into a graphic novel.


I'm not sure what it is anymore. Part of me dreams of it breathing life into the form of a motion comic, however.

Hey, I can dream.

The original front page to the website (that no longer exists). Never-Dreamtime had been the initial name of the project.
As you can tell, the banner for the website portrayed a very gritty feel that took precedence in the reoccurring theme of JUST.

While the concept centers around three mentally troubled strangers, Jacob Molyneux was intended to be the protagonist of the JUST storyline.
Jacob was named after Jacob Singer from one of my all-time favorite psychological horror films, Jacob's Ladder.
Additionally, the name means "held by the heel", which is also an ironic fit for the character.

The name "William Byrd" was an earlier version of the character, which was later changed to William Blue.
His surname was given for his Native American origins (I'm also sure that I had other reasons for this name, but it's been so long that even my own reasoning eludes me).
He is also considered to be the more mysterious of the three protagonists.

Hannah Vallejo was born from my nighttime driving fear of being followed by other cars on the road.
She was also named after one of the active locations of the Zodiac Killer during the 1960s: Vallejo, California. The Man In Green that haunts Hannah's psyche is loosely based off of this killer.

Now, I'm sure all that backstory was absolutely riveting for you.

If that genuinely did catch your interest in any way, stay tuned. I will most likely ramble on more at length at a later date.

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