Thursday, August 13, 2015

Book Formatting Hell

When I first published Seraphim Ascent almost a year ago, I had always been convinced that editing would always be the bane of my existence.

I was wrong.

It’s formatting. Formatting is what has flipped my sanity upside-down.

I am now convinced that if there is a Hell, and should I ever be sentenced down to it, I will be spending the rest of eternity doing nothing but formatting manuscripts. Not writing. Not editing. Just hours upon hours of fighting with page breaks and headers and footers popping up on the wrong pages. Forever.

In spite of my agony, however, I did manage to get the hang of it. I realized that I am not be the only one to experience this level or self-imposed torture. In fact, there are no doubt others out there who share my pain, and have no time or patience to spend several hours staring at a computer screen, scrolling down every page to make sure everything is utterly perfect.

Which is why I have decided that, starting today, I will be offering my services for doing book formatting for other writers as well.

So if you’re one of those poor sods who want to be spared a world of pain, check out my rates and consider me to bear the suffering for you.

I’m all self-sacrificing like that.